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With 140 full-time employees, Edelman is Indonesia’s largest public relations firm, helping clients to gain insights, create ideas and to engage. We protect and evolve brands and corporate reputations; outreach to government, employees and other stakeholders, in good times and bad.

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In an interconnected and complex world today’s communications landscape is a place where authority is dispersed and conversations involve influencers of all types. We work with our clients to build and develop their reputations through an insight led approach and integrated communications campaigns to engage and build relationships with their key stakeholders.


We work with clients to proactively protect their reputations, from putting in place the right planning to facing down active threats or attacks. From a sudden unexpected crisis to long running issues, we counsel our clients on how to navigate often challenging and complex situations.


Reputations need to be maintained and actively developed for clients to stay relevant or connect with new audiences. We help our clients evolve their reputations so that they are enabled meaningfully participate in new conversations and change perceptions and behaviors.


Media today is diverse and diffuse. Even with great stories and strong content, clients now compete with thousands of other voices to be heard. To deliver better value and more engagement, we work with clients to amplify their great content so that clients can reach wider audiences and achieve better results.

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3rd FloorRecapital Building
Jl. Adityawarman Kav. 55
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta, Indonesia 12160