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Jokowi on Instagram!

President Joko Widodo finally owns an official Instagram account! As of this newsletter is issued, it has more than 202,000 followers and 38 posts. Hope it doesn’t get spammed by OL shop comments J



(Image: https://www.instagram.com/jokowi/?hl=en)


Say Yes to Free Education!

The Padjadjaran University will be offering free tuitions for all the admitted students of the Faculty of Medicine for 2016/2017 academic years. Graduates will have to practice in determined areas/government institutions.



Indonesian Racer Could Be Named for Formula One Grand Prix Team by End of Week

Rio Haryanto is hoping to be named for the Manor Grand Prix racing team, after gaining sponsorship support from Pertamina and the Indonesian Ministry of Youth and Sports.




Barbie Gets a New Look

After 50 years, three new body shapes have been added to Mattel Inc’s ‘Barbie’ product range: Curvy, Petite and Tall. The updates come after years of criticism over the un-realistic shape of the original doll and its implications on the children who idolize the iconic doll.



(Image: Mattel)


All US iPhone Users Can Now Livestream Video on Facebook  

The social media giant has just expanded access to the Livestream video capabilities to any U.S. Facebook user with an iPhone, with global rollout expected in the coming weeks. Livestream for Android is also coming soon.



(Image: memes.com)




Ministry of Communications and Information to Release Regulations for Netflix in March

The Ministry of Communications and Information will create regulations for services like Netflix in March. The ministry will coordinate with the Ministry of Education and Culture for content and the Ministry of Economic Affairs with regard to Netflix as a business entities.



Jakarta Electronic ID Cards Valid a Lifetime

Jakarta Department of Population and Civil Registration stated that the e-ID card is valid for a lifetime, as instructed by the Ministry of Home Affairs. Citizens should not renew their cards, with the exception of data changes, or if it is lost or broken.



First Mosque at City Hall Compound

Today, President Joko Widodo inaugurated Fatahillah Mosque, located in the City Hall compound, Central Jakarta, just in time for Friday prayer. The mosque was initiated by Governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama, a non-muslim.



Jokowi to Merge SOEs with Revenue below Rp 1 Trillion

The government is reviewing the merger of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) that have revenue under Rp 1 trillion with similar state-owned enterprises that are stronger. If the revenue of an SOE is less than Rp 1 trillion, the business is considered inefficient and less healthy; therefore, a merger needs to be considered.



Banks Using Social Media Campaigns

Banks are more active in using social media to roll out their campaigns. The most recent one is HSBC Indonesia, which has introduced the #startsekarang, adapted from HSBC global movement #startstoday.

Social media and online media have been peppered with #sayanguangnya, a hashtag aimed to make people save money by spending less or choosing more affordable options in everyday activities. It was introduced by Bank Permata and involves celebrities, including Pevita Pearce and Hamish Daud.






WHO Warns Zika’s Impact Is Spreading at an Alarming Rate

An “emergency” meeting has been called to discuss the impact of the virus, which has been linked to the rare birth defect Microcephaly in Latin America, and is predicted to reach 3-4 million cases in the Americas within the year. Pregnant women are being advised not to travel to affected regions and cases have now been reported in 23 countries.



In 2015, Deutsche Bank Recorded Its First Loss Since 2008, Reaching €6.8 billion

After a restructuring in 2015, the loss is not a surprise to investors as the bank warned it was facing a challenging period, but it is committed to and confident in its strategy.



Small Town in Italy Celebrates First Baby to Be Born in 28 Years

Baby Pablo is the first child to be born in the town of now 85 residents, after birth rates plummeted post World War II and residents emigrating for work opportunities.





Apple Issues International Recall of over 10 Years’ Worth of Electric Shock Causing Power Adapters

After a small number of affected chargers were found to cause electric shocks, the company issued a massive safety recall of MacBook, iPad, and old models of iPhone and iPod adapters shipped between 2003 and 2015.





Glints Launches Career Platform

Singapore-based startup Glints has launched the first career platform in Indonesia specifically aimed for young professionals and fresh graduates. The platform is aimed to help young workers find their talents and interests.



(Image: http://www.briansolis.com/2015/08/marketers-care-millennials-anyone-living-digital-lifestyle/)




Launch of Rhianna’s ‘Anti’ on Tidal Creates Surge in Trial Subscribers

The streaming service owned by Jay-Z has seen over 1 million trial subscribers in half a day after Rhianna’s new album was exclusively released on the service as part of a promotional campaign with Samsung.



(image: Reprodução/rihannaonline.com.br)


’50 Shades of Grey’ Has a New Cast Member, Kim Basinger

The academy award winner has been cast as the pivotal role of Christian Grey’s business partner and ex-lover, Elena Lincoln, in the next installment ’50 Shades Darker’.



Lego Welcome a New Character with the Addition of a Disabled Mini Figure

After pressure to create toys that reflect real life such as the #ToyLikeMe online campaign, Lego has created a figure in a wheelchair as part of its upcoming Lego CITY set.



(Image: Bricksfans)


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